We are a customer insight company. We work  for clients across a broad range of industries and use a variety of methodologies: 


Group discussions | Depth interviews | Creative workshops | Concept labs | Culturally immersive research methods, e.g. Ethnographics | Expert interviews | Co-creations workshops | Bulletin boards | Usability testing | Diaries | Clinics.



Never standing still in an ever-changing world to unlock insights and opportunities.

Endless Curiosity 

What? When? Why? Curiosity is our passion and profession and we are not ashamed to dig deeper and as for reasons if it helps to understand what e need to understand. 

Wise Questions

Translating Marketing questions into consumer questions using psychology and communication techniques where necerssary or useful. 



Beyond the Surface

What matters is understanding what people really mean - this requires interpretation of what is directly expressed and putting it into context.

Analysis already starts during moderation by challenging respondents, spotting contradictions and not letting anyone go with obvious and socially desired answers.